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I am sick of yesterday. I am sick of remembering. I am sick of not moving on. I am sick of myself. But this sickness must run its course.

There were candles all around!

There were candles all around!


Things Musicals Taught Me ~ The Phantom of the Opera . So sweet, and true!

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking when I watched it. Then again....he is crazy....

Very true! I wonder what would happen if I booked box 5 In an opera.would a Phantom come and take me to his lair and make me sing for him? Lol - Phantom of the Opera! I would so do that.

Eye Makeup

Entire Disney Make-up Collection. So Far. I love how on the Nightmare Before Christmas one, she brought Oogie's house out past her lid n brow.

Phantom of the Opera - Trio Parody @A Random Person On The Internet you HAVE to see this.  :P

Phantom of the Opera - Trio by Gagnon/Olweean/Perry - Mackinac 2013 This is awesome!