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Cleveland police will not hit people over the head with guns anymore, per an a consent decree between the U.S. Justice Department and Cleveland police released today.

The Justice Department will investigate whether the Baltimore Police Department engaged in a pattern of unconstitutional policing, a day after the mayor asked for an inquiry.

Baltimore Death Shines Light On Brutal Police “Rough Rides”. Baltimore’s police department is not the first to get in trouble for roughing up suspects in the back of a van. An age-old tactic comes under fresh scrutiny.

Walking in Ferguson: If you're black, it's often against the law Among the civil-rights violations alleged in a scathing Justice Department report on police in this St. Louis suburb, is one that African American residents say has long plagued them: “Manner of walking along roadway.” http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-walking-black-ferguson-police-justice-report-20150305-story.html

LAPD beating of homeless man prompts call for federal probe Homeless bipolar man hospitalized last year after being hit with Taser four times, struck on head and hog-tied by police

The city's police department has a long history of failing to hold its officers accountable.

Riot police aiming guns at journalists who are on the ground and holding their hands in the air. #Ferguson -What in the G-Damn hell?

(That's just what we KNOW about; and what else we know is that these bastards are shady as hell and great liars.) Full transparency now; equal justice for all Americans.

"Some more people to keep in mind, yet still only a small percentage of the unarmed Americans of color killed over the past two years by people sworn to protect them. No justice. No peace. No racist police." Carson Ellis

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