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I'm not modeling... wth is this...

Oh Dear God. Her captions. I can't even. "I was about to ride the bulldozer and the camera turned on by itself. I'm not a model." Hahahahahah I need to breathe.


but when i do, it's p sherman 42 wallaby way sydney. Hahahaha love it

jfk with his doxie

A young JFK, on a tour of Europe just before the outbreak of war, where he bought "a dachshund of great beauty" in Germany. The dog became a mascot on the journey. We aren't aware that JFK had dachshunds while President however. SO AWESOME!

Does this make me look fat

As you might know but don't care, Kim Kardashian is pregnant and recently she wore a dress that replicates a killer whale, also known as Orcinus orca. So

Cool photo of Johny Rotten and Sid Vicious

Photo: Bob Gruen -Johnny Rotten & Sid Vicious on a Plane – London to Brussels – 1977


"I finally figured out my body type. Its hourglass with extra minutes." Love yourself for who you are!