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I Waste So Much Time

Collective nouns for animals… The most underrated phrases in the English language

Repin if this is what you do in your spare time!


Netflix US on

Stranger Things (2016) Netflix Series. Directed by The Duffy Brothers, starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard... In rural small town Hawkins, a group of pre-teen boys mysteriously lose one of their pack while a strange girl appears from nowhere with amazing superpowers. Disappearances, a covert government agency and strange creatures abound in this binge worthy series. A must watch!


Why second-hand bookshops are just my type

'why second-hand bookshops are just my type' - theodore dalrymple, 2012 [telegraph culture article; 'as bookshops are displaced by the internet, the author of a new work on serendipity describes the joys of delving in dusty shelves']

Roy Batty, leader of Nexus-6 replicants who escaped from off-world colony in Blade Runner

Sad but true. Sword Art Online - Kirito| Me, all the time, everyday... Shit, fuck school (Not the sexual way). << no kidding.