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A woman calls to inquire about the FICO score on her monthly statement. She get's them free with her Discover Card -- awesomesauce!-

To save time, Beatrice is posting her photos to her wall. Literally. Fortunately her friends are there to explain there's simpler way.-

Now, you can get back to dancing on your deck barefoot without having to worry about cracks and splinters because you used BEHR Paints DeckOver.-

Watch as these three friends get a kick out of the DiGiorno Design A Pizza Kit - They even make the pizza look exactly like their friend Billy. Be amazed.-

Luxury has been evolving since the time of ancient Egypt and continues to do so with the next generation 2015 Cadillac Escalade.-

A young girl asks her father to dress up like a princess. His friends ask what is taking him so long and dress up with him. "Oh, yeah!" His wife catches him dancing in her wedding dress. Congratulations, Fashionista Daddy!-

Sour Patch Kids can be so frustrating sometimes! First they blow your cover when you're sneaking back home but then they find you your favorite blouse. They're both sour and sweet.-

Two couples are tailgating when one notices that the others' hot dogs look much more delicious than theirs. When she finds out that they are Hebrew National Beef Franks with only select cuts of kosher beef in them she and her husband quickly ditch their dogs. -

Now you can put TVs anywhere without seeing cable wires and boxes anymore with DirecTV, not that wires are weird or anything.-