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Dear Lover... you are the only man, who never hurt me, but broke my heart - Lori Jenessa Nelson #quotes

Dear Lover, Lori Jenessa Nelson. poetry, art, books, love

Dear Lover,: A Book of Poetry, the Notebook Collection of Love [Kindle Edition] Lori Jenessa Nelson (Author)

Lori Jenessa Nelson - "You cannot deny the struggle; the struggle denies you". life, poetry, inspiration, struggle, poet

Lori Jenessa Nelson - "Being alone is better than being your whore". romance, relationships, strength, love-quotes, feelings, breakups, dear-lover, domestic-abuse, lori-jenessa-nelson, situationships

Lori Jenessa Nelson - "my heart when Istared at youbeat irregularlyand jagged". romance, relationships, love, dear-lover, anniversary, lori-jenessa-nelson, situationships

Lori Jenessa Nelson - "Dear Lover...you have hands like hands, and feet like feet, and all of you is beautiful...". romance, inspirational-quotes, love, dear-lover

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