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Tomasz Marek Jedruszek - hooves pounded, ever faster, ever more in danger. The towers of safety appeared ahead on the road, but death was nearer. In a last defense, the three rear guards turned, but the war-hardened horses would not have it, and ran again, their speed increasing. The frenzy sped to the other fine animals. The seasoned riders feared of flying off their mounts and careening into a tree, only to face certain death. But the wall was reached, it's gates at the ready to close.

"This is Sariah, my daughter, King," the knight said quietly. The King looked at the girl, and she stared back, her eyes full of wonderment and innocence. Yes, the evil king thought. She will do nicely for the rituals tonight.

I have up-loaded this one for those who liked my previous Bohemian rendez-vous but who were unhappy because of the car. So, I have deleted it with PS. By the way, thanks to all of you for your warm and numerous comments. (Czech Republic, Doksy Les, August

"Flight Over Candlekeep" William O'Connor Medium: pencil and digital Reaction: gobstruck 12Óx14Ó pencil and Digital © 2009

Moritarc troops marching down the canyons towards the Adelfian border, preparing to invade. (Son of the Shield) Just change the emblem on the armor to a rising sun, and it's perfect!