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#5DayWorkout, Surfer Girl Workout: Tropical Tuesday

I love duck diving.u can see everything underwater. Surfing is a wonderful sport and when u catch a wave u feel a peaceful rush.

Bad choices & Regrets  Nikon Surf Photo of the Year.  Photo by: Ray Collins

For our Extreme Photo of the Week, photographer Ray Collins was awarded the 2012 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year award for his image of Australian surfer Mark Mathews riding the wave known as “The Right” in West Australia


Empty Teahupoo wave, probably one of favorite waves and I would LOVE to surf it!

magnifique ♥

Big wave surfing is a discipline within surfing where experienced surfers paddle into or are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet m) high, on browse boards referred to as "guns" or towboards. Sizes of the board had to effectively surf these.

J. Cousteau - my all time favorite man growing up. I was obsessed with him and his crew.

Vaska ,the Illiterate in elemental theory ,is teching us about importance of PH water,as we know it. Cousteau can´t comprehend among with many the absurd of : how it is possible to forget something Vaska doesn´t know.

Water liefde

Amazing Funny Images and Nature Pictures: Wave Heart Image