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On booming

On booming

Infographic: Lighting Basics for Dazzling Digital Storytelling

Nonprofit Technology Chat: New Infographic: Lighting Basics for Dazzling Digital Storytelling

Life is about making choices. And sometimes the best move is not to move. - Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody (2009)

Life is a out making choice. And sometimes the best move is not to move - Mr. Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael with Jared Leto

Chistopher Nolan - Director of Inception, The Dark Knight, Memento, Batman Begins.

Christopher Nolan: Hollywood takes too many shortcuts

Christopher Nolan Wont Do Justice League, Big DC Comics Movie Announcement Coming Soon - Warner Bros. president Jeffrey Robinov hints that some of our questions about Justice League will be answered soon.

The importance of location scouting

The Importance of Location Scouting

Scouting, Film, Movie, The O'jays, Composition, Cinema, Filmmaking, Movies, Film Stock


"Your Best Work"— Graphic Design Award Winners for 2011

The DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit - for the cash-strapped filmmaker who has the ambitious vison but lacks a Hollywood budget. The do-it-yourself guide to production and equipment and tools.

Attention, Documentary Filmmakers: Here's All the Advice | Indiewire

Attention, Documentary Filmmakers: Here’s All the Advice You’ll Ever Need

"When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best - that is inspiration." Robert Bresson

Filmmaking with Robert Bresson: Art Can Not Exist Without Surprise In a 1983 interview for L'Argent, Robert Bresson affirms that, despite the feeling of precise calculation in his films, I don’t know.

a look at directing by Gus Van Sant

a look at directing by Gus Van Sant

Sandra Bullock

Gravity Talking Points: 5 Things To Know About Oscar's Scariest Contender

An auteur is not a brand New Yorker article

An Auteur Is Not a Brand

Based on an essay in the current issue of the magazine and two pieces recently published by The Atlantic, it seems like it’s time to …

Article about Oscar-nominee Benh Zeitlin

Oscar-Nominated Director Benh Zeitlin on Not Waiting For Permission

The Periodic Table of Storytelling you can click on each "element" for a description, use it as to help with writing or figure out what story "molecule" books, movies and tv shows would be.

Belonging to a group essay activity Belonging to a group essay activity Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: November To bring heightened awareness to the perils of driving while sleep deprived.