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Printed Fabric Patch Tutorial

For each Hogwarts student, a patch was affixed to designate the house they belonged to. I wanted to make a patch for my kids' costumes, and .

Buttons & fabric make a tree

Embroidered Fabric Christmas Tree : Craft a clever Christmas tree from colorful fabric scraps and display it front and center in a bright frame to make a fun holiday decoration. Link also has other Christmas craft ideas

the crazy beautiful life of the pattersons: DIY Canvas Photo Tutorial

the crazy beautiful life of the pattersons: DIY Canvas Photo Tutorial layout wall decor

DIY pajaki (polish paper chandeliers)  -difficulty level is fairly high but looks to be seriously worth the effort!

DIY Mini Pajaki

DIY Mini Pajaki (pajakis are traditional polish paper chandeliers, made from straw and pieces of colored paper)

Monster Bib {Pattern  Tutorial} - Stubbornly Crafty

Stubbornly Crafty: Monster Bib {Pattern & Tutorial} this baby WILL wear bibs.

DIY Tutorial: Hand stamped handkerchiefs

hand stamped handkerchiefs

DIY Tutorial: Hand stamped handkerchiefs this would be cute for double gauze as swaddle blankets


Imagine this with Steph& blue fabric and elastic dark blue ribbons? To keep with the Good Shep colour scheme?

such simple bookmarks!! junk mail envelopes to use! sooo freeee and you can even use up scrap paper or fabric or wrapping paper!

Heart Shaped Corner Bookmarks from Craft and Creativity. These are more girly than the Monster Corner Bookmarks, but I think they’d also make great classroom Valentine’s Day gifts (for girls) with a sweet message written on the back. Or Monsters for boys.

20 minute homemade toddler ties.

If only Bo kept a tie on longer than 2 hrs.diy toddler tie pattern and tutorial. Pinner said: I made a tie for my out of green gingham for Easter. It took about 20 minutes -- so cute and easy! My big boys and nephews want some now!

Cute end of the year gifts for teachers!

Looking for a gift for that special teacher in your child& life? Try one of these easy DIY Teacher Christmas Gifts any teacher is sure to love!