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i hope you get this.

I got a twenty dollar bill that says no ones ever seen you without makeup, your always made up

as seen in supersoaker

as seen in supersoaker

Omg yes

Songs to listen to while you reflect on every awful decision you've ever made throughout your terrible life

im without you! tell all the english boys you meet about the american boy back in the states the american boy you used to date who would do anything you say!

Tell all the English boys you meet, about the American boy back in the States. The American boy you used to date, who would do anything you say. Favorite Brand New song.

Memes for Men pt.1

The long-awaited moment when you witness. karma in all of its glorious splendor. Morticia Addams meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes

I never really thought if that before, but that's sooooo true.

I never really thought if that before, but that's sooooo true.

Don't worry I'll catch you<3

The Get Up Kids "I'll Catch You -favorite band in high school :)

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So Odell Beckham Jr Wants to know why The Nfl fined him But Not Zeke For Jumping In That Salvation Army Pot.Cuz Fuck Him Thats Why.

Instant crush

I don't understand, don't get upset I'm not with you We’re swimming around, It's all I do, when I'm with you