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Meet Rajan, the world's only swimming elephant! It was such an unusual, yet incredible feeling to be diving underwater next to an elephant. Who would have ever guessed that an elephant can dive using it's trunk as a snorkel, while enjoying the deep waters of the ocean. Sadly, at the age of 64, Rajan is the last of it's kind and can be found nearby the Andaman Islands, swimming in the great Indian Ocean. F3

delve underwater with photographer claudia legge

Meet Claudia Legge the London-based photographer who spends most of her time delving into underwater worlds to seek out beautiful sea-maidens.

Whales have a sensory organ unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The organ rests inside the whale's chin, in the gap between the whale's bony jaws

"The endangered dugong is the only southern African sea cow. This ancient order (Sirenia) is distantly related to elephants and also includes the West African and tropical American manatees. Dugongs are slow-moving, entirely aquatic creatures of sheltered tropical waters, where they graze seagrass beds with the rising tide."

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