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This Blog is dedicated to fit and muscular women.I won't be posting any nudity or straight up porn on this blog. Disclaimer: I do not own the Images posted here

2016 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Contest Results Men's Physique 1. Jeremy Potvin 2. Tristan Murray 3. Jeremy Coleman 4. Arya Saffaie 5. Andre Smith 6. Tony Duong 7. Brett Kahn 8. Tonell Rodrigue 9. T.A. Martin 10. David Thorpe 11. Armanda Arellano 12. Mohammed Boqamber 13. Jeffrey Vialu 14. Tony Lynch 15. Clint Van Dyke 16. Adon Marcus Women's Physique 1. Candrea Judd Adams 2. Jacklyn Abrams 3. La'Drissa Bonivel 4. Jennifer Jacques Conn 5. Tonya Hooker 6. Marnee Flash 7. Amber McElreath 8…

Growing Your Muscles Fast In 10 Days

Bodybuilding tips that help you build lean muscle fast. Workout tips that increase muscle growth and the types of foods you should be eating in order to experience massive muscle gains.

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Incredible delt demonstration by the two Germans - Markus Rühl & Dennis Wolf

2016 Miami Muscle Beach Contest Results Figure 1. Cydney Gillon 2. Cassandra Carpenter 3. Sandra Grajales 4. Natalia Coelho 5. Maggy Cambronero 6. Diana Schmidt 7. Rosalyn Dudding 8. Amber Peguero 9. Susana Garcia 10. Suni Sweeney 11. Jessica Reyes Padilla 12. Susetty Tabash 13. Angie LeMay 14. Doina Gorun 15. Azaria Glaim 16. Veronica Gallego Garcia 16. Queren Pachoeco Bikini 1. Catherine Radulic 2. Marcia Goncalvez 3. Adriana Hill 4. Michelle Sylvia 5. Cristina Ortiz 6. Elisa Reynoso…