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A collage of some of the Montessori Practical Life activities in our classrooms. Practical life activities build a foundation on which the children will grow and carry over into the other areas of the classroom, and over in to their every day life. The Montessori Practical Life exercises respond to the need for Order, Movement, Sensorial Exploration and a Child's Love of Work. Practical Life activities feed their natural desire to work, and play an active role in their environment.

Raising a Young Man After God's Heart (When They Won't) For a son who has turned away from his faith who essentially has divorced his family and followed other gods what is my role as Mother? I've come to see it's the same that it was this time last year. Only this year I'm humbler wiser needier wearier more gracious of others more accepting of a lower road. Isn't this compromise? Many of my past Christian brothers and sisters would have told me so. I'm not so sure. Since when did the…

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