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How To Burn a Lot of Calories Without Exercising! Part 1

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No matter what they tell you you don't have to stay within the lines. Be creative and be you.

this is so true, I've made the choice to be happy and remove all negativity. I'm connected with old friends, and go into hobbies i always wanted to. I can't tell you how happy I am now.

"I've decided to be happy because it's so good for my health" Voltaire quote ceramic plaque - Carefully selected by www.

La vida es demasiado corta...

"Life is far too short to be sad. To be mad. To be depressed. To be unkind. Be nice and do good, everyday is .

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No tengo todo calculado, ni mi vida resuelta solo tengo una sonrisa y espero una de vuelta.

Be positive this morning. I heard a woman once say that every morning when she woke up the first thing she would say is "Good morning Holy Spirit" and that it changes her whole day! Start it positive guys! Good morning my sweet Jesus!

surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.

Surround yourself only w/ people who are going to lift you higher - Oprah Winfrey.i love aunt oprah thats what i call her.

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"Hold the vision, trust the process" 27 Powerful Quotes That will Inspire You !

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Confidence comes not from always being right, but not fearing to be wrong. Don't be afraid to be wrong.