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If you just so happen to have 30 000 spare bottle caps and lack ideas of how to utilize them, check out what one Russian pensioner did. In the midst of Russian Taiga, a secluded Karmarchaga village now has a house, fully covered in colored bottle caps.

in the russian village of kamarchaga, in the siberian taiga, russian olga kostina has used 30,000 plastic bottle caps to adorn her home with colorful patterns and images - making it somewhat of a local landmark. over many years, kostina collected the lids and once she felt there was enough she created detailed murals across the walls of her home with images of traditional macrame motifs and various creatures living in the neighboring woodland.

This is great, but how short will the fence be when you sharpen the pencil and it just keeps breaking?

Bottle window - Wouldn't it be great to make low fences and path walls like this in the garden? If you can build the support beneath it, consider it as a path area (with lighting beneath) like the old subway street curbs...