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Located in Mayfair, the heart of London’s “Fashion and Luxury Quarter”, Morelle Davidson is a treasure trove of jewellery for discerning customers desiring items of the utmost quality and rarity. The...

Katherine Power Lists Her Beverly Hills Home for Sale—Take the Tour!

Another great inspiration for Power’s home—which has a color palette of predominantly neutrals and black—is the work of interior designer Darryl Carter. “I love how the...

6 Secrets To A Perfectly Styled Bookcase

Open shelving is a matter of preference in the kitchen, but elsewhere around the house — like, say, your living room — it can be nearly impossible to avoid. The catch is that if it isn't done right, your display of beloved tomes can make the entire room look like a mess. First things first: clear the clutter, getting rid of any items that aren't beautiful enough to put on display. Then, stick to an even mix of the six items Dolley Frearson of High Fashion Home laid out for us here.

sugarcubebasics: Horchow (Wonderful Palmetto Life)

I love this little corner of my living room. Everything started with the rug in this picture and its red and gray muted pomegranate pattern. I dream of having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves someday, but for now my books live on this great little vintage metal console and in my mid-century credenza. The big painting is by an Indian artist named RM Palaniapan and the smaller ones are by Sunil Shree. Shree paints on old train tickets and his art is always about journeys and the process of a…

9 Things All Insanely Stylish People Have in Their Homes

A sculptural, eye-catching accessory can elevate the look of your bookshelves, coffee table, or mantle. Add decorative objects with an artistic, architectural quality to your rooms for a bit of intrigue.

Everything You Need for a Skillfully Styled Bookshelf

Bookshelfs. You can do no wrong with a bookcase that’s brimming with books, but if you haven’t quite reached total book nerd status, you can flush out that negative space with a few artful accessories to give your shelves a more polished look: bookends, vases, decorative boxes, framed artwork, sculptural pieces. trevor-tondro. smittenstudio1

I used to be THE WORST at styling bookshelves. It still is something I'm learning to be better at and it takes me a long time to get it how I like it. But you know what helps? Thrift store finds! If something strikes your fancy, get it! Stash it until you are restyling, then pull out alllllll the things. I would say 80% of my shelves are thrift store treasures. Fo' real.