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Laurence Guenoun - One shot a day - 19/09/2011

A useful rape analogy

"This is a rape analogy. This is what women face every single day when they try to bring their rapists to justice."

Weekly Inspiration 30

Volcano from space


((FC::Emilia Clarke)) Good Morning. I am the white queens's daughter and my name is Celestia-Tara Alice of Marmoreal.My mother,of course,named me Alice after she died.I am 19 and believe in Grace and Elegance.I prefer to stay away from the Hatters-they are fairly mad.I have a slight crush on the Red Queen's son and am best at daggers-don't underestimate me.Introduce?

Orangutans attend 'jungle school' so they can be returned to safe forests

Na na na Diva is a female version of a hustler... of a hustler... of a of a hustler! pahhaaaaaa

Stadion in BARLINEK, Poland, September 2011 - Umgebauter ehemaliger Fußballplatz (nun: Stadion) in Barlinek, Polen. 2011 - 09 - 28, kurz vor 17 Uhr Panoramabild aus 5 Einzelfotos, alle 5 aus der Hand geschossen, ohne Stativ und ohne Kamera-interne Softwareunterstützung für Panoramabilder, einfach nur mit dem Auge, nachbearbeitet mit SERIF Photo Plus X4, Photoshop Elements 3 und TOPAZ/Adjust-Plug in