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Perfumery and Kindred Arts: A Comprehensive Treatise on Perfumery (1877, 398) - Richard S. Cristiani

The Manufacture of Varnishes and Kindred Industries: Based on and Including the "Drying Oils and Varnishes" of Ach. Livache, Vol. 1 (1904,153) - John Geddes M'Intosh & Ach Livache

The manufacture of varnishes and kindred industries based on and including the "Drying oils and varnishes" of Ach. Livache, Vol. 2 (1908, 209) - John Geddes M'Intosh & Ach Livache

A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Starch, Glucose, Starch-sugar, and Dextrine (1881, 344) - Julius Frankel & Ladislaus von Wágner

Chemical Technology, Volume 1, Part 4: Acids, Alkalies and Salts (1865, 611) - Friedrich Ludwig Knapp & Thomas Richardson

A manual of dyeing: for the use of practical dyers, manufacturers, students, and all interested in the art of dyeing, Volume 1 (1919, 902) - Edmund Knecht & Richard Loewenthal & Christopher Rawson

A general treatise on the manufacture of soap, theoretical and practical (1869, 807) - Hippolyte Dussauce

Chemical Technology, Volume 1, Part 1: Fuel and Its Applications (1855, 1-386) - Friedrich Ludwig Knapp

The leather worker's manual: being a compendium of practical recipes and working formulae for curriers, bootmakers, leather dressers, blacking manufacturers, saddlers and fancy leather workers (1900, 163) - H. C. Standage