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a hair clip that doubles up as a screwdriver, ruler, cutter, trolly coin and wrench!!!

Frends Headphones The Taylor Headphone in Rose Gold White : - Cutting Edge Women’s Fashion, Accessories and Shoes. #MissKL #SpringtimeinParis

Calmia Savasana Room Mist - 150ml A deeply relaxing. spiritual scent containing soothing lavender. sacred myrrh and smoky vetiver. Indias oil of tranquillity. Inspired by the yoga pose Savasana. or corpse pose. spray to restore

Dice, Chop, Slice A Guide to Knives #infographic

Dice, Chop, Slice A Guide to Knives #infographic

Ultimate Kitchen Knife Guide on Plating Pixels. Best knives to use in the kitchen. What each knife is for, how to use knives, and how to maintain kitchen knives. utility, kitchen, santoku, slicing/carving, paring, boning/filet, cleaver, and bread knife. –

Samsung - Galaxy S7 edge 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (AT&T) - Platinum gold

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Made out of 97% WOOD and just 3% carbon steel, the Skid chef knife looks absolutely sharp, both figuratively as well as literally!