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Funny pictures about 35 More Clever Life Hacks To Simplify Your Life. Oh, and cool pics about 35 More Clever Life Hacks To Simplify Your Life. Also, 35 More Clever Life Hacks To Simplify Your Life photos.


Awesome life hacks for you to use. A koozie wud work well as a cord minder - just thread one cord end out bottom hole, roll up rest of cord and stuff in koozie

keeping lettuce fresh

Keep lettuce fresh longer. The dry paper towel absorbs moisture from the lettuce which is one of the main reasons why it wilts and turns soggy so fast. It's also important to get the lettuce as dry as possible before storing in the first place.


Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Cookie n' Ice cream sandwich. Cut a section from a small pint of ice cream, put between two cookies of choice. Remove outside package. - Cookie and Cream ice cream

Put a rubberband around a cut apple to keep from going brown.  Great for lunchboxes, zoo trips, picnics!!

Prevent a sliced apple from browning with a rubber band. Cut apple and place rubber band over it and put in your kids lunch box.

The lines on a Solo cup are measurement marks.

So smart and I love these cups! The lines on a red plastic (Solo) cup are measurement marks! Good to know, since I hardly ever drink!


Easy to peel hard-boiled eggs: Add a Teaspoon of Baking Soda to the water when cooking. But best of all, the eggs will be perfect and unblemished.

Easily peel an orange. Cut off both ends. Make a small slice on one side and peel it slowly open.

Peeling An Orange, Like A Boss. Cut or pull the top and bottom circles from the orange/tangerine. Then slit between two sections and roll it out. It does work, just have to make sure you make the circle big and pull the white center out, but it does work.