Tom Hiddleston.

I haven't even seen anything with Tom Hiddleston yet, but I love this man. He seems so sweet. And he's super hot.

Love this shot.  Love the ginger hair.  Love those beautiful eyes!

One of his eye colors. That little blue spot makes his eyes gorgeously blue, making that spot green. The wonders of the Hiddles eyes.

Tom Hiddleston Look at his eyes here OMG

The People Have Spoken: Tom Hiddleston Is The Sexiest Man Alive. Bam, you got Loki'

Tom Hiddleston  I'm not sure if he really said this or not, but it's a nice thought anyways.

Quote from ~Tom Hiddleston~. This is very profound. Our plans don't always work out, because God's plan is even better. This quote makes Tom all the better:)

I am sorry, because I am not in the Avengers fandom, but Tom Hiddleston is like so ATRACTIVE

Tom Hiddleston X Reader: Trip to England (Part A few weeks had passed You and Tom had been hanging out quite often for the past few weeks, he even co. Tom Hiddleston X Reader: Trip to England (Part


This is why Loki is the best villain in Marvel. Tom Huddleston rocks it! Tom Hiddleston as LOKI at Comic-Con 2013 (Official-HD)

Tom Hiddleston. @Rebekah Ahn Ahn Cryder  OMG LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Hiddleston for Thor and his talents pertaining to all things Shakespeare. Oh my gosh this picture!

Tom saying the end you will always kneel... as loki

Funny pictures about When I met Tom Hiddleston. Oh, and cool pics about When I met Tom Hiddleston. Also, When I met Tom Hiddleston.


My job is to spread the love that is Mr Thomas William Hiddleston. So have a seat, make yourself comfortable and let's appreciate this perfect man all together.

Beautiful blue blazer.

Beautiful blue blazer.