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Templar Castle of Ponferrada Spain. Built in the 12 the century. In 1178 Ferdinand ll of Leon donated the city and fortress to the Templar Order protecting the pilgrims on the Way of St.James. The castle hosted the Knights Templar Grand Master of Casti

It's too bad that you have never known love like this in your life. I was hoping you would believe in us. Yes, it's weird starting over cuz of memories and possessions...but you get to create anything you want...

Fitness Motivation

My fitness motivation page is dedicated to inspire anyone that likes fitness and wants to achieve a #fit and #healthy body.

Tis true. :) if all you are is mean and cruel, no one will stick around to deal with it.

My real mom spent even care about me drugs are more important to her my real dad doesn't want to know my my "mom" now only so calls love me because she feels like she has to and she got stuck with me cause the state pleased me with her every one I ever loved either dyes or ends up getting to know the real me leaves and I understand why

I don't care what the world tells me I will design my own house and it will go like I want or less it defeats the purpose of MY HOUSE!

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

and thats what it was, they gave up, miss understood, years of friendship gone in an instant with no explanation.