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Noodles and Pasta: Noodles and pasta never tasted so very delicious. A must-cook collection of recipes.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Party Cooking: A wonderful collection of delicious recipes that will help you transform every party into a most enjoyable treat.

Say Cheese! A compilation of delicious recipes that will bring a smile on your face and say cheese!

Non Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World: These delicious non vegetarian recipes have been collected from all around the world.

Delicious Soups: Find out how, with my selection of Indian and international soups. Sip on the light and refreshing Clear Lemon and Coriander Soup; slurp on delicious Creamed Red Pumpkin and Apple Soup; indulge on the creamy Mushroom Soup with Almonds; or guzzle a bowl of rustic Spinach and Rice Soup and treat your senses to some delicious soups!

" Sanjeev Kapoors TIFFINS Delicious and Healthy Khana for Dabba" will turn lunch breaks at school or work into enjoyable meal times!This wonderful collection of 'tiffin' recipes has been tried and tested to achieve a degree of perfection that ensures that they will be enjoyed by everyone who joins you at lunch table.