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Explore Pond Captain, Captain Williams and more!

The History of Dr Who Companions... all sorts of stats and facts from the legendary BBC TV series.

All the Doctor Who companions: See amazing infographic as Karen Gillan quits as Amy Pond

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Bigger on the Inside New Who group shot mini poster art print

Rose, Martha, Donna, Captain Jack, River, Rory, Amy, and Doctors 9, 10, and 11

"All my friends are dead" Hilarious mash-up. (See my other other boards for more Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc. pins)

Donna: His Friend. The Ponds: His Family Clara: The Sister He Never Had. Martha: His Companion. Rose: His Lover River: His Wife

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Actually its called Doctor Who and the century old soul mates were named Amy Pond AND Rory Williams. He waited. And by the way they are from the UK no AU!

Amy Pond

They have teas inspired by the Tardis, Amy Pond, Rory, River, Captain Jack, Harry Potter, and this list goes on. Very cool!