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kinda true :)

"I feel prettiest when I sweat." Health is beauty; fitness is beauty. I need to sweat more and work harder.

Today I did 3 sets of pushups and....added weight on my sets too. NEVER thought I would get here!

ab workout So true just got to keep pushing to get where I want to be. Work for it!


This is SO true. When im running and want to stop I go thru each part of my body to find out why. Nope breathings ok, legs? Nope they feel fine.Oh, yeah its my head . keep going!

Agreed. When I think about exercising, I just get up and do it. Minimum of three times per week. Usually 4-5 times per week. And I turn my Accupedo app on every single time I go walking.

Running on the beach=best thing ever this summer. Many people associate the beach with happiness. I want to associate exercise with happiness also. Quality time with myself :)

This is exactly how I feel about running.

10 mile run; The more I run the more I love my body. Not because it's perfect, far from it, but because with every mile it is proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.

Most relaxing part of my day is cross fit

5 Steps to Strict Pull-ups

I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day, True Story!

You'll get a lot more compliments...Love this! Great way to think of it!

You'll get a lot more compliments for working out than you will for sleeping in! Get out of bed and workout!