Chocolate Malva Pudding
Strawberry-Vanilla French Toast Hearts are the perfect 10 minute Valentine's Day breakfast for your loved one! |
FOR ALL THE SOUTH AFRICANS -Amarula Carrot Cake (Alcoholic beverage made from the Amarula fruit used in the recipe)
No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert. Ok I can't pin anymore deserts after this. I have a serious problem.
A fabulous low carb Boston cream cheesecake that bakes up in no time. It's got a layer of gluten free cake topped with cheesecake then a layer of chocolate! LCHF Keto Banting Dessert Recipe.
Try this easy-to-make dessert, given a dash of African Original flavour with Amarula.
Malva Pudding Panna Cotta Cake, something I want to try
This easy to make No Bake S'mores Eclair Cake recipe has luscious layers of graham crackers, vanilla pudding and chocolate topped with toasted marshmallows.
Traditional Malva Pudding - Simply Delicious