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I realize the Amy/Doctor relationship was much stronger and important to the show, but the Doctor and Rory had their own, non-Amy-involved relationship, too -- Yes. XD

The Most Important Woman in the Universe - DONNA NOBLE | Whovian Feminism | Doctor Who | Outspoken, empathetic and unapologetic, a champion of social justice and female solidarity, Donna Noble is truly the Tenth Doctor's equal.

I would freak out if I ever had this phone case. I want a case that has 221B with the TARDIS. I would freak out because I love Doctor Who and Sherlock, I would love it if there was a WhoLock episode.

Everyone on the doctor who show has a catch fraise: Geronimo, fantastic, Allons-y, stupid face riversongs catch fraise is spoilers. In every episode that river is in she has to say spoilers at least once!