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That's why Jack is in a box. <<< omg awesome yus

Jack be nimble jack be quick reminds me of the song wolf in sheepd clothing

I believe in Heaven, too. but besides that one... all I have to say is... "Really, America?"

Only in America.

Only in America. I didn't know where to pin, but this is so true. Only in America!

If I have a nice pen that draws beautifully on skin I'll be covered in ink

Out Of Ink

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I've seriously tried coming up with a miley cyrus joke but its just not twerking.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Hide Their Naughty Bits From Mom

He had to destroy his laptop to save his dignity but PornHub helped him out in the end. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!

Haha Consuela the maid in Family Guy is a stoner #lol #420

Consuela, the maid character on Family Guy, is a caricature of the Hispanic (and in her case, Mexican) housekeeper that a lot of people in America employ to clean t.

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It's the small things that can turn your day around.or just pigs. Just pigs are awesome and yeah I'll give Babe whatever size cup of whipped cream that she wants

Too truuuu

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 49 Pics binge watching at its finest

no way

Hilarious Selfies - oops, forgot about the mirror. Now everyone knows I'm taking selfies on the toilet. Well i guess shit happens!

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Especially sophomore and junior year! Between projects every minute, an exam in every class every week, classwork assignments all the time, finals, and regents.you kids better enjoy middle school!

DwarfHi, who is this? Aaron changed all of my contacts to mythical creatures. | What's mine? | Dwarf | HE'S SO MEAN IM NOT THAT SHORT! | Oh hi dan | FUCK

There is actually a guy In my class named dan and a guy that. I sorta know named Aaron