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bklynmed:    Star-Forming Region S106  The bipolar S106 shows bright gas in two distinct lobes. The faint stars located near the nebulosity are brown dwarf candidates associated with the region of star formation.  Credit: NASA

Hubble/Subaru Composite Image of Star-Forming Region Credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), and the Subaru Telescope (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

Andromeda galaxy, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a large, rare population of hot, bright stars. Roughly 8,000 of them!

18 Astounding Hubble Photos Released In 2012

Hot stars: Peering deep inside the hub of the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a large, rare population of around hot, bright stars. Image and text: NASA / Hubble

An image of Fomalhaut captured by ALMA telescope.

The narrow dust ring around Fomalhaut. Yellow at top is the ALMA image, and the blue at bottom is Hubble Space Telescope image. The star is at the location of the bright emission at the center of the ring. One ring to rule them all!

Hubble image of variable star RS Puppis (NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team)

This festive NASA Hubble Space Telescope image resembles a holiday wreath made of sparkling lights. The bright southern hemisphere star RS Puppis, at the center of the image, is swaddled in a gossamer cocoon of reflective dust illuminated by the.

Milky Way

Hubble Telescope Image: The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy - A brilliant white core is encircled by thick dust lanes in this spiral galaxy, seen edge-on. The galaxy is light-years across and 28 million light years from Earth.

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¿Por qué se retocan las fotos de astronomía? Así se crean imágenes como 'La catedral de estrellas'

Hubble Eyes a Loose Spiral Galaxy The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted the spiral galaxy ESO seen here against a backdrop of distant galaxies, scattered with nearby stars.The galaxy is viewed from an angle, allowing Hubble to reveal its spiral

Lovely Loops | The upper one of a pair of new, solar active … | Flickr

January Cascading loops spiral above the sun's surface after a solar flare eruption. The loop structures, each the size of several Earths, are made of super-heated plasma.

A Cosmic Holiday Ornament, Hubble-Style by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr

Hubble snaps NGC 5189 The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope celebrates the holiday season with a striking image of the planetary nebula NGC The intricate structure of the stellar eruption looks like a giant and brightly coloured ribbon in space.

Colour composite image of Centaurus A, revealing the lobes and jets emanating from the active galaxy’s central black hole with a mass of about 100 million solar masses. There is strong evidence that Centaurus A is a merger of an elliptical with a spiral galaxy.

Active Galactic Nuclei - Merging X-ray data (blue) from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory with microwave (orange) and visible images reveals the jets and radio-emitting lobes emanating from Centaurus A's central black hole.