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wblut: Ink mixed with soapy water. Bubbles dry on paper. Charlotte X.C. Sullivan. via drgreenthumb32,visicert,wowgreat,proofmathisbeautiful,freshphotons

Make a rainforest in a jar and watch the water cycle. I would love to do this with my grandbabies......let them take it home with them.

Gives new meaning to feeling like your stomach is 'in knots!' Knitted organs by Caroline Gates

Really nice and concise guide to help learners to draw graphs.

inject food coloring in lemons and they completely change colour!!!! I need to try this for our school science fair!

Crafty Kids. Silly skeleton ~ an education craft to learn about the human body

William Loveless glue paintings Lesson idea - use to explore colour theory. Opposite colours, complimentary, colour greys etc

India Flint website hand dyeing fabrics