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Lev Grossman's The Magician's Land - Boing Boing

Meet math-inspired printing sculptor Bathsheba Grossman, creator of the gorgeous pendant above.

Square framed aqua faceted gem with a tiny cube glass pearl.

Angles and dangles. Square framed aqua faceted gem with a tiny cube glass pearl

david trubridge jewellery

Sterling Silver pendant designed by acclaimed New Zealand-based lighting designer David Trubridge. His fresh lighting designs have always been some of our favor

how to cuff your jeans with ankle boots

There is no right or wrong way to cuff your jeans! This is just an easy reference graphic that may be of help. But here are some tips on different cuffs you can do with different kinds of booties.

Onamori - They are combined with stones such as smokey quartz, onyx, pearl, garnet and peridot. ‘Omamori’ is the Japanese word for amulet and has underlying references to the protective power of lace, silver and stones. The collection includes linked pins and a contemporary interpretation of the pocket watch chain.

Anna Lewis is an artist and designer maker based in Wales working in contemporary jewellery and fashion object. Anna also fuses her ideas with photography and film.