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3rd Eye Chakra Pillow Case

Personalize your bedroom and extend the life of your pillows with a custom pillow case. Woven polyester Standard size pillow case Pillow case measures x

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Surprisingly, these chakras can be opened and regulated with a very easy, at-home practice.

How To Open The Chakras With Sound

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3rd, 4th & 5th Dimension Reality Overview

The New Mantra: Replacing ‘Om’ With ‘Glam’

The New Mantra: Replacing ‘Om’ With ‘Glam’

Is Your Body Sending You a Psychic Message?

The physical body is not just a vehicle to get you around while you're here on earth, but it's meant to assist you while your spirit is living in it!

Chakra Lotus Stone Set - Inspiration to paint my set of Natural River Stones

Specific yoga poses are directly related to your body’s energy centers known as your chakras. These chakras affect every aspect of your life. So this means for instance, that doing first chakra poses can affect your finances, doing second chakra poses can affect your sex life, doing third chakra pos…

The Base Chakra – Unlocking our instincts; reclaiming our bodies

Love this accupressure ring.

Love this accupressure ring.