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Ummmmmmmmmm WAY to girly for me but some of these things r me???? IDK SO FREAKIN CONFUSING AND GIRLY MY GOD

This one is SO IMPORTANT! You don't need to be like the girls in the magazines or any of the "tumblr girls" You are awesome the way you are, no matter what anyone else thinks Xx

This is me!!! This is literally me!! It's not that I feel left out, it's that I am left out and I know it! It honestly is hurts when you think you have friends who love you, know you and care about you, but really all they do is laugh at you, see you as a joke, use you as an excuse to laugh, judge you on certain things, don't invite you places and don't even apologise when you confront them (they just argue that it's actually your fault that you feel left out.) #experiencingthis