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This is a performance based project/assessment used to conclude a study on animal adaptations. It includes a project description and task explanati...

Animal Adaptation Project and Rubric

This is a performance based project/assessment used to conclude a study on animal adaptations. It includes a project description and task explanati.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Anchor Charts--> all of these are absolutely wonderful and I plan to use them a lot this year!!!

Anchor Charts

Great idea for reminding students how to work in a group. Teaching With a Mountain View: GROUPS Acronym

Gr8 Ideas for family involvement on a campus or in a class!

Help! I Need Family Involvement

27 Ways to increase family involvement in your class - Could you try JUST TWO of these strategies before the end of the school year? How about one & plan to adopt another new one for back to school? You know there's room for more family involvement.

KETCHUP folder

KETCHUP folder (TheHappyTeacher)

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day. Fun and creative way of getting missed work to students who were absent

Formative Assessments - New STICKER

Squarehead Teachers: Formative Assessment Cheat Sheet for Teachers. Easy formative assessments to do with your class.

Bravo behavior (FREEBIES!)   I’ve found that the most effective way to keep things calm (yet still fun!) in my classroom is to constantly......

bravo behavior (FREEBIES!) (a year of many firsts)

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize.or individual behavior chart?

Classroom Management - important. take ownership of your actions.

Going to start using this ASAP! Love the fact that it says, "I chose to." Red Notes to Parents for Behavior Management and Classroom Behavior Agreement Plan

Teach2Love: Flexible Seating

Tweak using grade appropriate language The Why As soon as I heard about flexible seating (a. alternative seating) I knew I wanted to give it a try! I’m thril.

Reading and Writing task...great way to teach the kids about details

Cool Country Report: Fill-in Poster

Make this more high school friendly. Cool Country Report: Fill-in Poster. Introduce a different culture and help strengthen your child's writing skills, all at the same time! This is another example of the AMAZING free resources at the Scholastic site.


The truth about teaching. It is exhausting, rewarding, heart-breaking, uplifting, and life changing. I love being a teacher!

ADHD Classroom Tips                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This is a great reminder for teachers with ADHD students that I will be sure to remember when I am a teacher.

Examples of accommodations that can be used in the classroom to help kids with ADHD www.understood.org/en

For Learning and Attention Issues

"Provide foot rests, seat cushions or resistance bands to satisfy the need for movement. - Use an assignment notebook. - Give the student a lesson outline.