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Angel Beats. Omg the feels *clutches chest*

LOL! xD Angel Beats! this was the best scene in the whole series (other than the…

Angel Beats! The ending was so good.. Right after I finished it, I yelled,"This show is so emotionally gripping!!!"

from GoBoiano

19 Anime Gifs That Accurately Describe Everyday School Life

When your teachers try to set you 'over the holinday homework' Everyone needs to see the rest of these gifs

Angel Beats! chibis

Angel Beats! chibis

I kinda felt like this too. - Angel Beats Too true Angel beats didn't really make me cry until the main guy started to make dreams come true and the little girl's dream made me soo sad

Angel Beats! Im prepared to cry my eyes out, and laugh so hard that I cry even more X3

This whole scene where they distracted Angel was just hilarious!!- Best.. anime.. EVER..

Whyyyyyyy aaahhhh why u hurt my soul like this. this ending is sooooooo sad so prepare yourself for it