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最終審査結果 - エコ&アート アワード2012 | コニカミノルタ

最終審査結果 - エコ&アート アワード2012 | コニカミノルタ

18 Outfits Made of Foods by Yeonju Sung

Best-of Food Art on Fubiz

Spectacular Edible Outfits Made of Ordinary Foods by Korean artist Yeonju Sung, eggplant

SECOND SKIN, Hayley May & Fiona Christie, New Zealand. 2009 Brancott Estate WOW Awards Show

WOW The borders between creative disciplines are fading away. Designers are playing with our imagination and experimenting with different ways of constructing objects. Fashion creations are turning.

Bubble Gum Dress # 1. From South Korean artist Sung Yeonju’s series “Wearable Foods” consists of dresses made of everyday edible products.

Wearable Foods by Sung Yeon Ju

Yeonju Sung - ‘Wearable Foods’, The serie Wearable Foods consists of dresses made of everyday edible products like tomatoes, bananas, bread and other comestibles.

Citrus dress by Prada

Famous Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia, takes high end fashion pieces and recreates them using everyday foods and plants. The Prada and Louis Vuitton recreations were an editorial spread for the issue of Garage magazine, fall/winter


The Verlan dress was created using anatomical models of the human body, then abstracted hidden lines and vectors (muscles, veins and arteries) into curves that could be manipulated in a modeling.