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Small Sword, late 17th Century France, late 17th Century steel, chiseled and pierced; iron, wood; wire-bound grip, Overall - l:104.10 cm (l:40 15/16 inches) Wt: .36 kg Blade - l:87.60 cm (l:34 7/16 inches) Guard - w:7.90 cm (w:3 1/16 inches).

Pillow Sword, c. 1650 Italy, 17th century

Small Sword, 1640-1660 Germany, Passau (?), 17th century

A cup-hilted sword, Europe, ca. 17th century.

Rapier early 17th century

Small Sword, c. 1780 France, Paris (?), 18th century forged steel blade; partially gilt and russet steel hilt; steel wire, leather bands, wood core, Overall - l:103.50 cm (l:40 11/16 inches) Wt: .36 kg Blade - l:86.10 cm (l:33 7/8 inches) Guard - w:8.30 cm (w:3 1/4 inches).

Smallsword, c. 1730 France, Paris, 18th century steel, blued, with gold encrusted decoration; chased and engraved; silver wire, Overall: l. 94.50 cm (37 3/16 inches); Blade: l. 77.20 cm (30 3/8 inches); Grip: l. 13.20 cm (5 3/16 inches); Guard: w. 8.00 cm (3 1/8 inches).

Court Sword, c. 1790 England, London or Birmingham, late 18th Century

Rapier, c. 1600 Germany, Solingen, early 17th Century

Sword (Kaskara), late 19th century. Persian culture. The Metropolitan Museum of…