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Every Girl Deserves A Guy, Who Will Change Her Life.Not Just Her Relationship Status.

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4 Chores that are easier while high. What chores around the house would you prefer being high while doing?

Play the laughter. Pause the memories. Stop the pain. Rewind the happiness.

Play the laughter, pause the memories, stop the pain, rewind the happiness. Quote to live by!

Uninspirational Quotes for the Pessimist in All of Us. i love pizza, and if you have pizza on you, i would eat it haha

Uninspirational Quotes for the Pessimist in All of Us

24 uninspiring quotes laced with sarcasm & unmotivational truisms. Hallmark comebacks for those joyful assholes you know.

This is true for all of us, yet we base conclusions on our own life experiences & judge others on what we see (or what we "think" we see, because our perceptions are so often flawed). STOP & consider that what we see, or think we see, might be wrong. & keep our (your) judgmental mouth shut till we (you) really know the person and the situation I (you) think you understand!!

I am not what you see.just because I am fat and overweight doesn't mean that I am lazy and eat nothing but junk all day. In fact it takes me starving myself for me to loose weight. It's a never ending battle.inside and out

For my teenaged children, and all my "adopted" teenaged children.

You Were Born to Stand Out! Life gets easier when you stop trying to please the people. It's your life . Today Choose It ~ Live It ~ Love It & Stand Out!