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Momma horse checking out her baby. So cute being held like a teddy bear.

Nomads allowed Arabian mares to sleep in the tents with the family. Highly prized, mares produced milk & foals & required fewer resources!

I am grateful for moments like these

"Every day I am grateful for moments like these with Scotty." Being on borrowed time with your furry family is hard!

love this!

Millie Hatcher put this quote on a pic of you and Casper! :) (So much respect for you equestrian ladies♡ I envy you! Maybe in my next life hehe much love.

I love Janet.

I love Janet. Wish they had done more with her and Cassandra.

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Horse quote

In memory of jasmine, Geronimo, penny, and pappy. Thank you for shaping me into who I am. I will never forget you guys and I will never stop loving you!

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True Love - New filly leaning on her mom, Great Basin Desert, Utah © Kent Keller Photography