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Historical pictures<<< fun facts: In the picture of Ronald Reagan visiting Russia, Putin is the man with the striped shirt, and the one with Lennon and Che is fake, Che's head with photoshopped on Harrison's body.

This makes a lot of sense! Wish more people knew about this

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts I think there should be an external twin, where two people who aren't related, look alike and their personalities are really similar.

Where Children Sleep

Where Children Sleep

Funny pictures about Where children sleep. Oh, and cool pics about Where children sleep. Also, Where children sleep.

That would be me, awkward and weird ;)

People with awkward and weird personalities tend to make the best friends. wtf fun facts>>>>>>>> Well, I'm awkward, and I also have a weird personality. so why do I have only 4 friends?

The secret apartment on top of the Eiffel Tower - WTF fun facts<<<<I bet France told England about that and no one else.

History truly is stranger than fiction!

Some Random Interesting Facts Compilation

Some Random Interesting Facts Compilation --Leonardo di Caprio is playing Hugh Glass in a new movie based on that whole incident

Native American Tree bending - Now "Hidden Monuments!" There's one of these in my towns park.

wtf-fun-facts: “ You can turn Kool-Aid into Gatorade by just adding some salt. (source) MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE animals and weird facts ONLY ”

I would have been one of those babies...

Frances Oldham Kelsey became a American heroine for her role in stopping a morning-sickness drug that led to deformities in babies. Her work at the FDA also led to modern laws regulating pharmaceuticals.