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my childhood is ruined!! How could they change COOKIE monster to VEGGIE monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cookie Monster I knew ate COOKIES, now he eats fruit. and his name is *still* "Cookie" Monster. Oh the shame!

The Best Of, “Woman Logic” – 30 Pics

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The Office Bloopers. I died. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE.

18 Minute Video of Season 2-7 Bloopers From NBC's 'The Office'

The Office Bloopers. Watch the funniest bloopers from seasons of The Office in HD. See more funny videos at Amused Tube.

you have to watch this. I laughed so hard

Laughing is the best medicine. First of all, I love Ellen. Secondly, I love Ellen scaring people. Watch it.

Ha ha ha ....

You can only be my friend if you are crazy, so I can judge you with my best friend.


That is if he will take the trash out at all! My husband does a ton of other things, but trash isn't one of them! I have learned to pick my battles!

I found this video on Tumblr and decided to post it on here. Not me. Found out this is Lauren Tallichet http://con-vic-tion.tumblr.com/ is her blog. Follow her!

I want to be her friend so bad! Seriously the funniest/weirdest thing I've seen all day.

A Nightmare on Elmo St

After seeing the trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm St at the movies we were walking through Target and I saw an Elmo nightie hanging in the kidswear . A Nightmare on Elmo St

Mom asked me who was going to wash the dishes. I hit that soulja boy and said you! Lazy Laziness

My mom said to me "guess whose doing the dishes tonight?I hit that Soulja Boy and said "YOUUUUUU!

Omg! Lmao this is so true!

My kids in a nutshell! I actually tell them Psycho mom is coming out.

Yeah, bitch! CloTi FTW! I just ship them so HARD...*tears in eyes*


A Skinhead John Travolta meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

What a funny thing to do to someone... But NOT ME ! LOL

Funny pictures about A guy broke into my apartment. Oh, and cool pics about A guy broke into my apartment. Also, A guy broke into my apartment.