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Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, yet you're my favorite work of art.~ Rodgers & Hart

Smiling Border Collie helps you to smile too. Reminds me of our faithful farm dog keeping our cows safe until she died from a snake bite

Double-banded Courser of Tanzania and South Africa.

The 'Double-banded Courser' (Rhinoptilus africanus), It is found in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania.

Double-banded Courser

The former Stellenbosch Birdclub lives on in this private website by Rosemarie Breuer with many galleries by wellknown photographers

Double-banded Courser, S Africa by Ian White

lotsofbirds: “ Double-banded Courser (Smutsornis africanus) Distribution: southern Africa IUCN Status: Least Concern { Ecology } { Vocalizations } { eBird } (Photo by Ian White // CC ”

Double-banded Courser (Smutsornis africanus)

the Internet Bird Collection

Double banded courser

Oh, how I'd love to see one, but it only lives in Africa, so pictures will have to suffice.

Double-banded Courser by Johannes Gerhardus Swanepoel

Photo about Double-banded Courser standing on a white rock in Etosha;

The Double-banded Courser (Rhinoptilus africanus), also known as the Two-banded is a species of bird in the Glareolidae family. The Double-Banded Courser is found in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania.

Cream-coloured courser by Nimit Virdi on 500px

Cream-coloured courser Photo by Nimit Virdi — National Geographic Your Shot