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Apple Is Set to Announce Two iPhones

Apple Is Set to Announce Two iPhones By BRIAN X. CHEN: September 8, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO — The handset market is so brutally competitive that Apple, the most successful smartphone maker, is preparing to step up its game this week by offering two new iPhones instead of one. -

from Business Insider

Bill Gates: People Don't Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced By Software Bots

Many #jobs will be replaced by software bots says Bill Gates


Syria Has Yet to Move Arms as Deadline Draws Near

Volatile security and bad weather are among the factors contributing to the delay, says a report by the United Nations and a watchdog group.

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Facebook Is Finally Letting You Search for Old Posts

Facebook Is Finally Letting You Search for Old Posts #hackgenealogy #technology

In 1991, CERN hosted the world's first web page. It is no longer hosted there, but a copy has been kept since 1992 by the World Wide Web Consortium, newscientist #CERN #WWW #Web_Paage

CERN, Birthplace of the World Wide Web by Twenty years ago today, scientists at the particle physics lab in Geneva published a document that made the technology of the web, or W3 as it was known, available on a royalty-free basis to the world. The move set in train a process that would ultimately lead to the development of what we know today as the internet. #CERN #Internet


Curtain Is Rising on a Tech Premiere With (as Usual) a Mostly Male Cast

Curtain Rising for Twitter With a Mostly Male Cast

Google Admits Drive-By Data Collection Was Privacy Breach

How Facebook Designs the 'Perfect Empty Vessel' for Your Mind