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This strawberry is ruffling everyone's feathers.

The Internet is Going Crazy Over This Chicken-Shaped Strawberry

This chicken shaped strawberry is ruffling everyone's feathers.

Wyandottes- dual purpose, cold hardy,broody, high large brown egg yld. friendly, calm, confines well, quiet, docile, beautiful varieties, make great pets, highly recommended breed, slow to mature, originated in U.S. in 1870 & were first called American Seabrights. (Purchase from Performance Poultry)

Wyandotte - Decent layers of cream colored eggs. Very intelligent and very skittish. Not really a "pet" chicken but a working flock with the benefit of beautiful laced feathering. Bears confinement well and is very winter hardy.

Barred Plymouth Rock from My Pet Chicken

Day-Old Chicks: Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock - Here is a list of the most cold-hardy chicken breeds