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Tiny and tidy: Alek believes living in such a small space will force him to live in a simpler and more organised way

Web designer builds trailer home for $30k (but it's only 8ft by 20ft)

La plupart des ados ont entendu cette question de leurs parents à un moment donné dans leur vie: «Si tous tes amis sautent d’un pont, tu sautes aussi?” C’est une question qui nous pousse à penser par nous-mêmes. Cette question a inspiré Alek Lisefski, un concepteur de sites Web qui a décidé de sortir des sentiers battus. Au lieu …

A 31 ans Il en avait marre d’avoir un loyer et des frais élevés. Ce qu’il a fait demande du courage … Mais regardez donc à l’intérieur

Alek Lisefski’s Tiny Project is a tiny house that addresses some big questions. It offers an efficient solution to the ever-increasing cost of living while simultaneously creating a model for sustainable living. In a by 6 meter space, Lisefski.

Not only that, but the small space won't distract Alek from his work. - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

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Beautiful and uncluttered tiny house kitchen. i like that the storage is basically built into the wall. exposed but not too much. the jars make it look neat and uniform.

modern tiny house on wheels for sale th north west 008 200 Sq. Modern Tiny House on wheels for Sale in Portland, OR

Sleep in a BILLY - IKEA Hackers Office into guest room

Sleep in a BILLY - IKEA Hackers this is sooooo clever. much cheaper than expensive wall-beds and give precious storage too. // love the idea of bookshelves to hide the mattress.

Genius flipping porch idea! You could even add one on the side to make the house still legal size to be on the road and then fold out a luxurious porch when you arrive.

porch flipped up on tiny house This Molecule Tiny Home uses the idea I have been thinking of for a long time - the porch that gives space when parked, flips up for transport. Perfect for the tumbleweed house.

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Web designer Alek Lisefski recently completed the Tiny Project, an 8 feet by 20 feet tiny house on wheels.

Já vimos muitos projetos de casas pequenas por aqui, mas este, sem dúvida, é um dos melhores! A pequena casa mede 2,40m x 6,10m e foi construída sobre o le

Você moraria nesta casa de 15 metros quadrados

how to build a tiny house on wheels

How to Build a Tiny House

How to build your own tiny house, ideas and plans, space saver & on a budget house. by dianne

Timeline Photos - Tiny House Design

Smart Kitchen Space-Saver: Dish Drying Closet Above The Sink. It's a dish rack that's integrated into a bottomless cabinet above the sink, so that the step of drying wet dishes is skipped completely, and are placed there to dry, out of view.

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tumbleweed fencl tiny house for sale 20 Top 5 Washer Dryer Combos for Tiny Houses. Must have a washer!

sehr klein winzige Mini-Projekthaus sinken die Größe eines kleinen Schlafzimmer-Designs von Alek Lisefski

"Tiny Project Less House More Life" by American web designer Alek Lisefski is a mobile home Designed and built by himself. Lisefski built his own eco

Movable office/craft space - this is fantastic for a tiny space.

Great Space-saving solution for a small home, including a fold-down table and a rolling kitchen island attached to a Kallax (Ikea) Divider.

Our Finished Tiny Home

“The “Wind River Bungalow” is the Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of tiny house enthusiasts Travis and Brittany Pyke, who started Wind River Custom Homes to help others fulfill their.