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The space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop a specially-modified NASA 747 jet, approaches Los Angeles International Airport last week. The retired spacecraft will be towed to its new home at the California Science Center.

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Space solar system meme - Funny and True! We got to the moon with a computer less powerful than your cell phone!

KLM Asia  Boeing 747-406M  (airliners.net)

KLM Asia City of Dubai seen here prior to departure, nice scene with the taxiway and control tower in the back

The A-10's sexy ass 7 barrel Gatling

Although the can carry considerable disposable stores, its primary built-in weapon is the 30 mm Avenger Gatling gun. One of the most powerful aircraft cannon ever flown, it fires large depleted uranium armor-piercing shells. In the original.


Farewell, Atlantis (NASA, International Space Station, by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Aircraft from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 fly over the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).

Aircraft from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 fly over the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.


Aircraft Carrier Photos - Pictures of Aircraft Warship - US Navy

Baggage fees

The Space Shuttle Atlantis atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) returns to the Kennedy Space Center after a ten month refurbishment. (Great Images in NASA)

The Lima Lima Flight Team, based at Naper Aero Club field, outside of Naperville, Illinois, performs precision formation airshows around the U.S. with six T-34s.

Lima Lima Flight Team - Chicago Air & Water Show - 2010

Synergy aircraft project

John McGinnis is raising funds for Synergy Aircraft Project on Kickstarter! We're building an airplane, in a garage (!) but it's not just another tired old airplane. This is Synergy, the beginning of the future.