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Berko Original

Berko, American bakery with a French twist in Paris. A place to find cupcakes and Red Velvet cake

Everything I Ate In Paris

Where to Eat in Paris. The BEST off-the-beaten-path restaurants. Guaranteed you'll find a hidden gem! #travel #paris #france

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Galleries Lafayette, love it before Christmas - it is a place where I have this "awaiting for greatness" feeling issued for children, just got there to "lick the window-shops" as french say it. But don't you dare go there for sales if you are small and skinny woman - you need to have some hips to get through the crowds. #shoppinginparis #christmasinparis #lechevitrin

La Tarte

The best tarte in Paris I had lately. Very french, very tasty and super cozy place La Tarte (5 rue de Damiette 75002) #latarteparis

Maison de Victor Hugo

Maison de Victor Hugo is a the house where Victor Hugo, famous french writer, author of "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Miserables" lived in for 16 years from 1832–1848. Now it is a museum on Place de Vosges. #frenchlitterature #hugo #france #paris #placedevosges #museum #literature

Rue Chanoinesse, a street in Paris with many charming old restaurants, cafes, and shops. Paris, France

What to Eat in Paris

What to Eat in Paris - A go-to list of the best restaurants, bakeries, and more!