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Final stretch of New York's High Line complete

New York celebrates the opening of the High Line at the Rail Yards, the final section of the city’s elevated park, running through the Lower West Side

This place was revolting. If you were anything less than perfect, they'd kill you in a heartbeat. No hard to imagine though. Men and their violent rules. I've heard stories from older women who remember what is was like when we were all equal. The world was different then. Now I'm just hopping to be given to someone who will feed me once a weak. I'm pathetic. I wish they would kill me now...

Vik had been trapped in that godforsaken cell for ages - god knows how long exactly. So, as he crept down the deserted corridors in search of another soul, even the tiny bulbs that hung lazily from the ceiling that dripped with mould stung his eyes. He blinked and blinked and blinked again, waiting for the dots to clear from his vision. That's when the lights went out.

does anyone know how to do this stitch/pattern??? please share, if you know how (or where to find the instructions) photo source: Lõngakera: kudumismõtted/knitting ideas

Feb 22 Hecker Guthrie creates new space for digital agency evolution 7’s office

Design studio Hecker Guthrie of Melbourne, Australia took on the renovation of a former warehouse transforming it into a loft-like office for digital agency Evolution 7.