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Good Omens

"You start thinking: it can't be a great cosmic game of chess, it has to be just very complicated Solitaire." Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett

Quando la fantasia aiuta a vivere la realtà!

Chris Riddell illustrates Neil's words on HOPE: limited edition print VERY FEW LEFT

BRAND NEW: Chris Riddell illustrates Neil's words on HOPE: limited edition print

My favourite book. Took it with me as I backpacked around the world. Looks much like the copy in the picture.

This Book Is Really Good

Neil Gaiman's and Sir Terry Pratchett's ye olde English masterpiece: BBC comedies meet Stephen King's 'The Stand.' <<< I am yet to read this, but after this post I need to find it RIGHT NOW!

"Nobody's American [...] Not originally. That's my point." ... “People believe, thought Shadow. It's what people do. They believe, and then they do not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjuration. People populate the darkness; with ghost, with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe; and it is that rock solid belief, that makes things happen.”

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman - Authors Preferred Text- This is one of my top ten favourite books. It combines reality with mythology. The places and the people are so wonderful and different. Neil Gaiman's writing and imagination is superb.

The Ultimate Book Porn: Classic Stories Get Leather Bound Makeovers

Barnes and Noble leatherbound classics.Barnes and Noble leatherbound classics.

Neil Gaiman This is beautiful.  I really hope I keep this in mind because I know this is exactly what my mom would have wanted

Neil Gaiman (paper dreams)

Morpheus/Dream.  Neil Gaiman's Sandman - I know that this is technically Vertigo comics, but considering the announcement of new comics to come, I had to pin it. @Alex Jones Eberle

" The Sandman " by Uncannyknack A Sandman Fan Art Gallery featuring Morpheus, Lord of Dreams Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is the s.

Literary Classics - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman, the Brothers Grimm, Edgar Allan Poe, and Oscar Wilde.

43 Great Quotes From Literature We Forgot to Mention

Books were safer than other people anyway  • Neil Gaiman. Just finished and loved this book. Now reading American Gods

This line is the TRUTH Books were safer than other people anyway

I wrote a short story about snow white actually being a vampire all along, glad some people agree xD

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